Leaders have a responsibility to be out front this is in all things from ethics to working hours. I use the phrase that intelligence can run down the reigns but never runs up.

Your job is to set the destination for your organization. In the same way that the cowboys of old had to lead the herd on a trail drive you had to be in front of an organization that you intend to lead. This is why we focus more energy on culture than we do on our specific product in my case land sales. Just selling is not enough we must do it in a manner that represents our core values.

If you ever doubt this just watch a new manager take over a existing department, if they come in and use lots of time and energy throwing there weight around because I’m the boss it never goes smoothly.  A real wrangler would never walk into the catch pen and wave his arms and yell to let all the stock know he was boss. So why do we do it with people when we know it won’t work with cattle or horses?


If you know that it doesn’t work with the herd don’t expect your people to appreciate it either. Your demeanor will be observed and emulated over time. In the same way that a horse whisperer can walk up to a rank bronco without spooking him you can bring change to a organization without chaos.


If you are in a position to affect change in a business then it is in everyone’s best interest to move forward in the manner that is best for everyone involved. The best employees have lots of other opportunities in this robust economy and we cant afford to loose them for no good purpose. The worst employees probably cant be motivated no matter how loud that you yell and can only be thinned from the herd. Lastly in the middle are you steady working cowboys they will see your example and in small ways begin to emulate you. It is your job to make sure you like what you see when they do.

Tim Hadley

Keller Williams Land top hand 2019

Accredited land consultant