In the next few years the oldest millennials will be turning forty. On average for women there peak income earning years are between forty and forty four with men peaking in there mid-fifties economically.

On the other side of the coin baby boomers are starting to see retirement on the horizon.

Everyone in business is trying to predict how this will influence the next twenty years. The census bureau says that by 2035 there will be more people over 35 than under for the first time in our nation’s history.

This will undoubtedly cause large shifts in the stock market and the housing market as the boomers give way to the millennials as the economic powerhouse that drives the nation. We know that the average age for your largest square footage home purchase is age 44 when you have the kids at home are successful in your career etc. On the opposite side by age 63 most Americans are considering downsizing there home before they end there working career.

I expect there will be similar moves in the stock market as everyone transitions to different phases of life.

As for me I’m watching and trying my best to make investments with these market forces in mind