With the United States and China deep in trade negotiations farmers are left to watch and wait.  Both nations have much to lose if the trade deal falls apart. In the Agriculture sector there is talk that China may be able to buy there soybeans from Brazil. That would be a major blow to US farmers but all of Asia is facing a swine fever crisis. This means that there is a huge demand for pork that they must import.

In the meantime, Farmers are planting beans hoping that cooler heads will prevail, and a deal is reached soon. There are few other options its generally to late and to wet to plant corn, so they have their chips on the table.

If A trade deal is not reached soon there will be a growing cry to help subsidize the Ag sector in this country. That has never set well with farmers they want to get paid to work not get welfare.

It is a interesting time to see if the Bulls or the Bears are right about the future of commodities.